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For 3 weeks we have been helplessly witnessing the bombing of civilian structures, war crimes, waves of refugees leaving the path of war, not knowing if they will ever be able to return to their homes or if they will ever meet their family and friends again.

Each of us is touched by something. Mothers with children in their arms and by the hand, with only a backpack in which they have crammed a lifetime. People with animals in their arms, because they too are part of the family. Men left behind to defend their country. And many Romanians who show incredible humanity, offering everyone what they have, what they can, what they know.

Cosmin was impressed by that woman who gives the Russian soldiers sunflower seeds and tells them to put them in their pockets so that at least after they die the sunflowers will sprout behind them.

The Guardian takeover

At Kofi Ti we know how to make drinks. Cosmin created a new recipe with sunflower seeds and the rest of the team members transform the original recipe into a ready-to-drink bottle - name, label, scaled recipe, production, bottling, labeling.

Meet SLAVA , lemonade with a twist made from cold-pressed Sicilian lemons, honey and sunflower seeds. A non-acidified lemonade, perfectly balanced, with the aroma of sunflower seeds and an air of peace.

Kofi Ti lemonade glory

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And since everyone helps as they can, we decided to donate 10% of all Slava proceeds to an NGO* that helps Ukrainian refugees in Romania.


* At the end of each month we will tell on this page what amount was collected and to which entity we donated it.

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