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The story workshop

When in a few moments half of Kofi Ti turned to ash

On the night of August 11, the Kofi Ti warehouse in Crevedia was engulfed in flames. The fire destroyed everything we had there - refrigerated cases, pallets, thousands of bottles, labels and caps, the stands we used to bring to events and the raw material we use in production.

Tell me which flavors you prefer so I can tell you who you are! What the KOFI TI drink says about your personality

Everyone has a few favorite flavors of drinks that they always order, but there are many daredevils who want to try ...

How do you cool off in the hot season? 6 assortments of drinks with unique tastes!

Hot summer days make you think of exotic vacations, on beaches with fine sand and azure waters or even on mountain ...

Craft drinks from raw natural ingredients: A recipe for a healthier lifestyle

Drinks made from raw natural ingredients not only provide a delicious taste, but are also as healthy as possible.

The story of Kofi Ti craft drinks and the reasons why you should discover their unique flavors

Our products are made according to original recipes and only based on raw natural ingredients, from countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Italy, Madagascar, Ecuador, India, China or Sri Lanka, but also Romania. 

What craft drinks can you bring to a tastefully organized garden party?

The aromas of summer have been in the air for some time, and therefore every end of the weekend can be a good time to organize a garden party. And not anyway, but one with an extra touch of creativity, when you choose the drinks for those who cross your threshold.

Cascara = superfood

Cascara (the pulp of the coffee cherry) ranks 4th in the world on the list of superfoods, being 80 times more powerful antioxidant than goji.

Yellow was the imperial color. Discover yellow tea.

Although more than 1000 types of green teas have been inventoried, only 5 traditional yellow teas are known.

When did the Kofi Ti project start?

In our minds Kofi Ti started many years ago . It started out of a passion for specialty tea and coffee, traveling and discovering new tastes , people and stories .

#together in 2020

We are proud to be part of such a natural and warm community, the community small local producers of artisanal food and beverages.

What do we actually know about the coffee tree?

The fruits of the coffee tree grow in the form of cherries. And the well-known coffee beans are actually the kernels of the fruit.

Natural cola. Genuine cola.

How do you turn a guilty pleasure into an innocent one? You create a natural cola!
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