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Sep 20, 2023

"A business reborn from the ashes" - an OBSERVATOR Antena 1 material

"Cosmin created the perfect drink for drivers who go out on the town. The business, put on its feet with difficulty, was tried in the summer of 2023 when, following a fire, the entire warehouse burned."

Sep 14, 2023

"Craft drinks are conquering the Romanian market"

"Craft drinks occupy a growing segment of the market. Soft drinks produced in Romania are slowly making their way onto the market. At a high-profile festival in the south of Bucharest, dozens of artisans exhibit their newest products - beer, cider or non-alcoholic beverages, crafted in Romania."

Sep 14, 2023

Using Natural Ingredients to Craft Delicious Beverages

BARISTA MAGAZINE explores the growing trend of craft beverages and how natural ingredients create unique flavor profiles that reflect local terroir.

Sep 4, 2023

"Daddy doesn't give you Coke, he makes you Coke". The Romanian producer who makes "clean" Coke and "Socata cu zvâc" wants to educate the Romanian market

"Our cola isn't black because it's not colored with ammonium sulphate, it doesn't have phosphoric acid in it - we use phosphoric acid, but to disinfect it, we don't put that in our drinks - and the kids can sleep peacefully afterwards because that we don't put caffeine in."

Jul 3, 2023

World of Coffee Athens: Trends

In 2023 Kofi Ti participated for the second consecutive year at the World of Coffee.

Sep 9, 2021

"KOFI TI - natural artisan soft drinks made in RO"

What do you do when you get tired of ordering only water, lemonade or fresh orange juice at the terraces, and that's to avoid the classic soft drinks? Simple, you invent a range of artisan drinks from natural ingredients, with surprising tastes and aromas, in such a rich assortment that you won't get bored.
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