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Red Tonic | hibiscus and lemongrass tonic water [syrup]

Red Tonic | hibiscus and lemongrass tonic water [syrup]
Red Tonic | hibiscus and lemongrass tonic water [syrup]
Red Tonic | hibiscus and lemongrass tonic water [syrup]
Red Tonic | hibiscus and lemongrass tonic water [syrup]
Load image into Gallery viewer, Red Tonic | hibiscus and lemongrass tonic water [syrup]
Load image into Gallery viewer, Red Tonic | hibiscus and lemongrass tonic water [syrup]
Load image into Gallery viewer, Red Tonic | hibiscus and lemongrass tonic water [syrup]
Load image into Gallery viewer, Red Tonic | hibiscus and lemongrass tonic water [syrup]

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Enjoy the purest and least processed tonic water, produced in the KOFI TI workshop to enhance the natural taste and aromas of cinchona bark (quinine tree).

Red Tonic is an artisan tonic water, natural and red as its name suggests. The color and flavor is due to the hibiscus flowers and the unique combination of spices in the recipe. It can be drunk only with sparkling water or in alcoholic and virgin cocktails, cold or hot.


Cinchona, a tree endemic to the rainforests of the Andes, is the only natural source of quinine and was the plant from which genuine tonic water was produced. Harvested in autumn from trees older than 6 years, conchona bark was used by the locals as an analgesic, antiviral, antipyretic and to treat some ailments of the digestive system, and from 1630 to 1944 (when quinine began to be synthesized) it was used to treat malaria.

We set out to produce the purest, minimally processed tonic water, to enhance the taste and natural aromas of cinchona bark, brought directly from Ecuador. Then we continued to experiment and create new recipes. This is how the range of ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix tonic waters was born, drinks that are unlike anything you've tasted and will change your benchmarks.

The range of tonic waters contains three varieties, all in two variants (ready to drink and matte for mixing):

🧊 INDIAN TONIC , classic tonic water with a complex sweet-bitter-astringent taste and a beautiful rust color.
Indian Tonic [ready to drink]
Indian Tonic [ready to mix] - recommended dilution 1:7

🍃 HERBAL TONIC , o golden citrus-floral tonic water with lemon peel, orange peel, lemongrass, juniper, cardamom and lavender.
Herbal Tonic [ready to drink]
Herbal Tonic [ready to mix] - recommended dilution 1:6

A red floral tonic water with hibiscus, lemongrass and lavender.
Red Tonic [ready to drink]
Red Tonic [ready to mix] - recommended dilution 1:5


Red Tonic | red tonic water [ready to mix]

Ingredients : cinchona infusion (filtered water, bark of the quinine tree); hibiscus; lemongrass; lemon peel; Orange peel; juniper; cardamom; lavender; sugar; acidifier: citric acid; salt; carbon dioxide. Contains natural quinine.

The recommended dilution is 1:5 with cold carbonated water.
You can make 1.4 liters of tonic water from a 230 ml bottle of Red Tonic syrup.
You can make 5.7 liters of tonic water from a 950 ml bottle of Red Tonic syrup.
Get inspired by the recipes proposed by us.

Nutritional declaration for 100 ml undiluted syrup:
energy value 912kJ / 216kcal, fat 0.72g (of which saturated fatty acids 0g), carbohydrates 51g (of which sugars 47.6g), protein 1.14g, salt 0.144g

About us

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Kofi Ti is the first cold brew and craft soda workshop in Romania. And as the history of any place begins with a story, ours has been woven from the beginning around tastes and aromas, nature and simple rediscovered things, being a story inspired by travel and driven by the pleasure of creating. 

Kofi Ti is about long searches for the best ingredients, brought to our workshop in Buftea from all over the world, processed according to our own recipes, so that the artisan drinks we produce offer the properties of the raw materials from which they are made. 

Tastes collected in the Kofi Ti workshop from all over the world

We have been following our passion since 2016, inventing and producing artisan drinks with new, surprising tastes, using original recipes and only natural raw ingredients from all over the world - Colombia, Bolivia, Italy, Madagascar, Ecuador, India, China or Sri Lanka. 

One by one, at the workshop in Buftea, we have created a wide, original and varied range of natural artisanal drinks, without added dyes, preservatives or flavors, using only the highest quality ingredients, most of which were introduced for the first time on the Romanian market . 

Cascara - the ingredient we invite you to discover with us.

We fell in love with cascara (the pulp of the coffee cherry), one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, from which we make Cascara Lemonade. Moreover, we are probably the only producers of quinine tree bark tonic water, a natural antiviral.

Teas inspired by Chinese traditions and coffee roasted just right

We went back to the origins to create a kola nut soft drink - Kola Tonic. We make delicious Cold Brew Coffee from coffee freshly roasted at Sloane Coffee Roastery and package carefully selected and important specialty teas directly from small producers in Yunnan, China, the region with the richest tea processing tradition.

Ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix craft beverages

We managed to build from scratch a range of unique craft drinks on the Romanian market, ready to drink and ready to mix , according to your own preferences. We invite you to discover their secrets, because in each product page we have useful information regarding: the ingredients used, their origin, as well as our work processes. All this, so that you can take home the most suitable craft drinks.

If you like stories, we are waiting for you here

Partner locations

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Find Kofi Ti drinks in some of the coolest locations around the country. We update the map as we reach new places 😎

And for the days when you don't want to leave the house, you can also order our products online, both on the Kofi Ti website and from several partners - eMAG | Freshful | Sesame .


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We are Kofi Ti and we produce Romanian artisan drinks in our workshop in Buftea - Str. Marășești, No. 27.

Please leave us a message using the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

You can also contact us by phone or email
TELEPHONE: 0765 331 103

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