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"KOFI TI - natural artisan soft drinks made in RO"

"What do you do when you get tired of ordering only water, lemonade or fresh orange juice at the terraces, and that's to avoid the classic soft drinks? Simple, you invent a range of artisan drinks from natural ingredients, with surprising tastes and aromas, in such a rich assortment that you won't get bored.

It seems like a joke, but that's how the story of the KOFI TI brand began, the first local producer of natural quinine tonic water and the first workshop of Cold Brew and Craft Soda made on the basis of specialty coffee and tea."

About the beginnings of the business, ingredients, artisanal manufacturing and just about everything that means Kofi Ti in a conversation with Andreea Mira on

Picture from 2019, when hair was shorter and children were smaller.

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I no longer want to put Schweppes in my premium gin

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