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When did the Kofi Ti project start?

In our minds Kofi Ti started many years ago. It started out of a passion for specialty tea and coffee, traveling and discovering new tastes, people and stories. It grew every morning with my wife drinking coffee roasted by us and every evening with friends, tasting the artisan teas brought from all our travels.

In 2016 we rode around the city with the espresso machine on the Wheelys bike. And from there it was only a small step to the opening of the first cold brew and craft soda workshop in Romania and the introduction of Nitro Coffee (a cold nitrogen coffee) in Romania.


And from 2017, Kofi Ti was born. The story started with two couples - godparents and finnies. And to get the business up and running we chose to use the start-up strategy called "slicing pie". We couldn't afford to pay all the collaborators from the start, but we also didn't want to compromise on quality, so in the first year many of us worked on shares in the company. That's how we ended up being seven, all involved in this project, primarily out of passion.

People of Kofi Ti

The Kofi Ti concept is centered around natural tastes, authentic flavors, ingredients procured directly from the source and original recipes. All our drinks are minimally processed precisely so as not to lose the properties of the raw material. We use cascara produced on several farms in Latin America, kola nuts from Guinea, cinchona bark from Ecuador, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, anise from China, cloves from Madagascar, raw cane sugar from El Salvator, and specialty teas come especially from small producers in Yunnan, China, the region with the richest tea processing tradition.

We didn't start Kofi Ti with the mission of making diet drinks, but tasty ones. And when you take the best quality ingredients and put them together, it can't help but be felt in the final taste of the drink.

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