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What craft drinks can you bring to a tastefully organized garden party?

The flavors of summer have been in the air for some time, and therefore every end of the weekend can be a good time to organize a garden party. And not anyway, but one with an extra touch of creativity, when you choose the drinks for those who cross your threshold.

Below you will find a mini-series of handcrafted drinks, according to original recipes and only from the highest quality raw ingredients, so that everyone can find something in the bar area that goes well in the summer, day or night: and for those who come by car, and for those who prefer alcoholic cocktails.

Because that's how beautiful it is at a garden party to be told about for years to come!

Inspirational ideas for non-drinkers 

If you like drinks with new flavors, ready to serve at a garden party as they all should be, how about sharing your passion for intense flavors with everyone close to you?

Cascara Lemonade with a tasty twist of energy

Meet the first bottled cascara (coffee cherry pulp) drink produced in Romania. Cascara Lemonade is a 100% natural drink with no preservatives, colorings or added flavors, few calories and lots of calm energy.

Cascara offers a fruity flavor but does not taste like coffee, contains 4-8 times less caffeine, and is traditionally dried and infused like a tea. Being an excellent source of antioxidants , Cascara has an ORAC value of 343900, ranking 4th on the superfood list.

Cascara Lemonade ingredients : cascara infusion (filtered water, cascara from specialty coffee, grown on small farms in Latin America), unrefined cane sugar, cold-pressed Sicilian lemon juice (6%), carbon dioxide.

Add to the cart Cascara Lemonade, the lemonade from the coffee fruit .

Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic for unique sensory experiences

Where friends meet for the hottest parties of the summer, we come with original artisanal drinks, based on mixes of natural ingredients of the highest quality. Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic is the perfect example of this.

Discover the unique combination of freshly roasted coffee, combined in the KOFI TI workshop with our cinchona bark tonic water (the bark of the quinine tree). Cold water infusion, the process behind this savory cold brew , extracts the unique flavors of the coffee, but leaves the bitter oils and most of the pungent acids in their place in the grounds.

Ingredients Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic : filtered water, raw cane sugar, specialty coffee, acidifier (citric acid), cinchona, carbon dioxide. Contains natural quinine.

Try Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic in the Ready to drink version .

Only good flavors to mix when the night comes

If, as darkness falls, the atmosphere gives way to cocktail glasses on the table, see what ready-to-mix flavors you can surprise everyone at the garden party with:

Indian Tonic (syrup) for a summer party like in Ecuador

You can't get a more authentic syrup! You have in front of you a syrup obtained from the purest and least processed tonic water, which enhances the taste and aromas of quinine bark, brought precisely from Ecuador. The rusty shade foreshadows, as it were, the sweet-bitter-astringent taste that Indian Tonic offers.

Do you want to know how you can use this artisanal syrup in a mix that also contains alcohol, ideal for the moment when the music volume increases and everyone present at the party starts dancing? Get inspired by the recipes that we love to prepare for you!

Indian Tonic ingredients : Cinchona infusion (filtered water, quinine tree bark - Cinchona Pubescens - Red Cinchona - Ecuador), raw cane sugar, natural citric acid.

If we made you hungry, order now Indian Tonic from our store .

Masala Chai (syrup) for a cocktail like you've rarely seen.

Inspired by Indian tradition, based on a unique combination of spices, the artisan Masala Chai syrup envelops the whole atmosphere in fresh notes of exotic spices.

If you want to find out the secrets behind some alcoholic cocktails built around it, a single click brings you the Chai This recipe with whiskey, the Masala recipe with hot rum, and otherMasala Chai-based cocktail recipes , explained step by step step by step for you.

Masala Chai Ingredients : Filtered water infusion sweetened with brown cane sugar, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, star anise, fennel and a trace of salt.

Quickly put Masala Chai on your shopping list .

Here are our recommendations, if you want to organize a garden party with a lot of good taste, from which there is no shortage of people with an appetite for new experiences and artisan drinks from KOFI TI.

For more helpful information, tips, easy-to-make recipes and product recommendations as inspiring as the ones you've read today, feel free to come back to our blog !

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