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The story of Kofi Ti craft drinks and the reasons why you should discover their unique flavors

Kofi Ti is the first cold brew and craft soda workshop in Romania, whose story is woven from a passion for unique tastes and aromas, inspired by trips made around the world. 

Our products are made according to original recipes and only based on raw natural ingredients, from countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Italy, Madagascar, Ecuador, India, China or Sri Lanka, but also Romania. 

For you we have prepared artisanal drinks exactly the way we like to serve with our loved ones, turning our moments together into truly tasty moments. 

You want to order ready-to-drink or ready-to-mix assortments online from the Kofi Ti offer? You make the most inspiring choice! Here's why we say this:

We use only the best quality ingredients

The products that you can find in our online store are always based on the best quality ingredients. We are proud to say that we can work with carefully selected raw materials and mix according to our own recipes, so that you can experience surprising tastes. 

The ingredients of our drinks, whether they are acidic or still, are minimally processed, so that you feel their intensity from the very first sip. Because in the Kofi Ti workshop in Buftea we put in every bottle the same passion for simple things, but of extraordinary quality.

We have 100% natural artisan drinks for you

Ever since 2016, the year the Kofi Ti story began, we wanted to offer our customers access to a wide range of natural artisan drinks. With no added colourings, preservatives or other flavourings, our drinks tell the story of the ingredients from which they are made, as they are at their origins. 

Here's how we managed to build an identity of the Kofi Ti brand over time , and you can convince yourself of the results! Order our ready-to-drink or ready-to-mix assortments online, open them one by one and enjoy a real source of energy, out of concern for your health and that of your loved ones.

Discover together with us flavors from all over the world

We have traveled the world far and wide, thus managing to add a touch of our passion for travel to Kofi Ti artisan drinks. Today we can say with certainty that the tastiest secrets of this world are always in the simple things, hidden where you least expect it.

We use cascara (coffee cherry pulp) produced in a few farms in Latin America, kola nuts from Guinea, cinchona bark from Ecuador, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, anise from China, cloves from Madagascar, or cane sugar from El Salvador.

We patiently add them in unique flavor combinations, alongside purely Romanian ingredients, such as premium apricot vinegar from Cerbul Acru, or elderberry syrup from Pârâul Furnicii, because, isn't it, every adventurer returns to a day at home

Try Socata cu zvac now , according to a recipe that brings Romanian natural products and ingredients from all over the world in the same bottle, for a true explosion of flavors!

See what Kofi Ti's offer looks like today, carefully read the information we have prepared for you on each product page, then order everything you want online. Our artisan drinks come to you in the shortest possible time, packed with experiences gathered from all corners of the world and with flavors that you will fall irreparably in love with. 

If today's article has whetted your appetite for stories built around Kofi Ti's range of craft beverages, find out a lot more interesting information about them on our blog. Make an informed choice every time you order products from our website online, to better understand the role of each ingredient or process perfected in our workshop in Buftea!

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