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Natural cola. Genuine cola.

I grew up with the mirage of the West symbolized by cola - in the dispenser, in the bottle, acidic and extremely sweet. We grew up and learned to make healthier choices, but cola remained a guilty pleasure for many. And as we know we are not the only ones, we set out to create a natural cola.

Kola Tonic Kofi Ti ingredients

In a world increasingly flooded with identically natural flavors, we look for authentic ingredients and flavors and give them a meeting place at our workshop in Buftea.

Like a trip around the world, Kola Tonic brings together kola nuts from Guinea, quinine tree bark from Ecuador, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, anise from China, cloves from Madagascar, raw unrefined cane sugar from Colombia and a pinch of salt ( because we all grew up with the story of Ispirescu). At the end we carbonate and the magic is done. 

The result is a demented drink, acidic, sweet enough, energizing but also refreshing. It is not a diet, but it is natural and healthy. It's not sugar-free, but it's real. Kola Tonic - an innocent pleasure.

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