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Tell me which flavors you prefer so I can tell you who you are! What the KOFI TI drink says about your personality

Everyone has a few favorite flavors of drinks that they always order, but there are many daredevils who want to try new and unique tastes - after all, you'll never know if you like a new essence until you try it! Even if you don't realize it, the active ingredients and various flavors in a drink can reflect your personality traits.

If you want to know what the craft drink KOFI TI says about you, then here are the special tastes we offer and how to choose your favorite ones according to your tastes and desires!

The sweet and sour taste of lemonade

Lemon is considered the citrus of adventure lovers, but also of those who always dare to try new tastes and experiences. Lemon is closely related to personality and even its juice was used in one of the early psychology tests. With the help of a small amount of liquid and an ear stick, you could find out if you are an extrovert or an introvert.

We provide you with a lemonade that will satisfy your appetite for familiarity, but also for adventure and newness! Cascara Lemonade is an artisan juice created from coffee fruit and Sicilian lemons. Cascara is the miracle ingredient, being the pulp of the fruit of the coffee tree which is shaped like cherries, and the coffee beans are exactly the seeds. Cascara does not taste like coffee, but gives the drink an exotic and fruity aroma.

The freshness of the juice

Elderflowers denote elegance and delicacy. They offer an ideal taste for calm, introverted, patient and strong-willed people. Socata juice should be tasted lightly, it can be served with your best friends or in a relaxing evening in your own home. You are a reliable and trustworthy person that others can rely on. When you enter a circle of people, you will always see the best in them!

Along with the delicacy of the elderberry taste, our artisan drink Socata cu Zvâc offers you lavender, cardamom and cinchona syrup. It is a modern recipe that can be served both in the warm season and in the cold season for added freshness and naturalness!

Beer for a relaxing evening

If you want to escape from everyday life and enjoy the slightly bitter taste of beer, then you are a person who prefers freedom. You pay close attention to detail and are confident in your abilities. You know how to make friends easily and most of the time you don't want to spend your free time locked in the house: you like trips and good cheer!

Craft beer with herbal tonic is excellent to enjoy in your backyard with your loved ones, or even on your favorite terrace in the center. Are you already on vacation? Then this drink definitely needs a place in your beach cooler! Share fun and smiles among your friends!

The exotic aromas of orange and hibiscus

If you prefer an exotic taste, citrusy and sweet at the same time, then you like to enjoy what is most beautiful in life and you live to feel good, both you and those close to you. You value friendships a lot and very often let go, forgive and forget easily. 

Along with the unmistakable taste of orange, it can be seen that you are a patient person. You are shy around people you don't know, but once the bonds are formed, they will see that you will be their friend for life!

Because the fragrant aroma of hibiscus and the unique smell of orange make you think of vacation, we have prepared an exotic treat for you with Hawaii Tonic Water . From the first tasting, you will feel a refreshing combination, ideal for summer days!

Energy boost with cola

A person ready for action, punctual and present at all activities, regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors, needs an energy boost. You are an extravagant, brave and impulsive person and you like to live in a clean and organized environment. Because you are always "head on your shoulders", those around you will trust you to make the best decisions!

Take a break and enjoy the taste of kola nuts and cinchona bark with our handcrafted Kola Tonic . Let the fun go and give those around you a splash of energy for young and happy moments!

Whether you want to stick to your favorite flavor or try something new, our drink flavors are ready for you. Try them all or become loyal to one flavor!

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