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How do you cool off in the hot season? 6 assortments of drinks with unique tastes!

Hot summer days make you think of exotic vacations, on beaches with fine sand and azure waters or even on mountain roads full of coolness and the shade of trees. Even if you're stuck at the office or haven't scheduled your vacation days yet, you'll surely cool off with our collection of natural and fresh drinks!

Do you want to enjoy the special flavors of craft drinks : craft soda? Well, stop thinking, choose your favorite flavors or try new ingredients and enjoy a cool summer right in the heart of the city!

Kola Tonic - authentic flavors and natural energy

One of the most loved drinks due to the combination of natural ingredients is Kola Tonic which adds kola nuts from Guinea, quinine tree bark from Ecuador, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, anise from China, cloves from Madagascar and raw cane sugar from Colombia . All these ingredients create the perfect drink for hot summer days!

Kola Tonic offers you energy for days full of activities, together with an authentic, aromatic and exotic taste. It is an innocent pleasure , but in a healthy and natural formula! Taste the unique flavors and enjoy every moment of summer!

Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic - the natural dose of vitality

Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic is a wonderful artisanal product that delights the tastes of all coffee lovers, but also those who appreciate the bitter taste of tonic water. The drink gives you all the energy you need to face brilliantly all the challenges and activities during the day, and even enjoy a touch of coolness on hot summer days.

Thanks to the ingredients in our authentic recipe , you'll finally have the perfect opportunity and reason to meet up with all the friends you've put on hold because of important work or schedule tasks. Catch the stories of your loved ones with Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic, whether you go to a terrace, on a park bench or spend time right at your home!

Hawaii Tonic Water - tropical taste and holiday

There is no better drink than Hawaii Tonic Water to make you think of sunny days on vacation, the pleasant touch of the waves or the terraces at sunset when you enjoy every moment with your loved ones. How about a tropical flavor with hibiscus, lavender and lemongrass to get rid of all the hangover you're feeling right now?

Shocked with a bang - for elegance and refreshing taste

Elderflowers are perfect for hot summer days. Imagine a swing in the shade, a pleasant breeze, and a refreshing taste of soccata, cinchona, apricot and lavender? At KOFI TI , we started with the recipe "like at home" and gave it a twist, with rich tastes and fresh and elegant aromas! It's a drink that reminds us of childhood, but keeps us grounded in the present.

Cascara Lemonade - exotic taste and maximum energy

Cascada Lemonade is a lemonade created from coffee fruit, unrefined cane sugar and cold-pressed Sicilian lemon juice. Cascara, although it is the coffee fruit, resembles cherries, having a fruity and fragrant taste. If you are ready for a new, sensational and fresh taste then try this drink. You will not regret! 

Artisanal natural tonic water - the taste you've been missing

With the handmade natural tonic water, you will be able to quench your thirst on hot summer days, but also enjoy a taste you know so well, created only from natural and carefully chosen ingredients. It is a versatile drink that can be consumed at home, at parties, at the picnic at the foot of the mountain or even on the seafront. Don't keep the aroma just for yourself, share the craft drink with your loved ones!

If you don't know which assortment to choose, don't worry! We come to your aid with acomplete set of drinks ready to enjoy ! Thanks to this offer, you will be able to try all the new flavors. Tell us about your favorite aroma and in what context did you fall in love with it: during a break from work, on the terrace with friends, or did you manage to escape from the city and ran away for a weekend to the sea?

Our drinks are artisanal, tart and still. Made according to original recipes and with natural ingredients, craft soda products will provide a feeling of relaxation and fun, along with a special taste. Regardless of the locality, you can find us online , but also in physical stores alongside our partner locations . Taste artisan drinks with natural ingredients and enjoy every moment!

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