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Do you read the labels of the products you buy?

Sugar in Kofi Ti products

We all try to live as healthy as possible, choose natural products to buy directly from the source when possible. At the Kofi Ti workshop in Buftea we apply the same principles. We produce natural artisan drinks, from raw ingredients, according to original recipes. We sweeten them with a touch of unrefined cane sugar from El Salvador.

About 55% of the world's sugar production comes from sugar cane. The difference between refined (white) and unrefined (raw) sugar lies in the processing method. Refined sugar is subjected to a long process that involves the use of substances such as sulfur dioxide, formic or phosphoric acid. Unrefined sugar is obtained through simpler processes, by extracting, filtering and crystallizing the natural juice from the sugar cane, thus preserving the natural molasses - a food rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, which gives the sugar its specific caramel taste .

Although it may seem strange to talk about certain benefits brought by the consumption of sugar, they do exist. The key is in the type of sugar and the amount. The WHO (World Health Organization) advises us that sugars represent around 5% of the total energy intake per day.

At Kofi Ti we chose not to run away from sugar, not to use other sweeteners, but to look for the best unrefined sugar to use in moderation, to achieve a balanced taste. In our drinks, the sugars vary between 4 and 6.7 g per 100 ml.
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