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What does cold brew mean?

Cold Brew Coffee, Cold Brew Tonic. New Cold Brew Tea. You keep hearing these names, but maybe you still don't know what they mean.

Cold Brew is cold infusion - the new method of preparing tea and coffee that replaces temperature with time.
INGREDIENTS: specialty coffee or tea, water, a refrigerator and patience.
THE RESULT: an aromatic drink that does not require sweeteners or milk, a source of energy and an ideal pre-run tonic.

We start off with specialty coffee beans, perfectly roasted at Sloane Coffee Roastery by Bogdan Georgescu, world vice-champion coffee roaster. However, we don't infuse the grains hot , but cold. In a way, we are replacing high temperature with time - a very long time. Although it may seem surprising, in a natural way, cold water brewing extracts the unique flavors of the coffee, but leaves the bitter oils and most of the pungent acids in their place in the grounds. Even though cold brewing extracts less caffeine than hot brewing, we compensate with the higher amount of coffee brewed, reaching the same level of caffeine as hot brewed coffee.

Discover the specialty cold brewed coffee in the concentrated version, perfect for home Cold Brew Coffee

After obtaining a cold brew coffee, we add nitrogen to give the coffee effervescence. Nitrogen, being an inert and odorless gas, is perfect for maintaining the taste of cold brew coffee, while under high pressure and in a very cold environment, it adds an amazing Guinness-like foam. The resulting taste is creamy and refined. Kofi Ti introduced Nitro Coffee in Romania in 2017.

As with coffee, we trade temperature for time to achieve a different flavor profile of the tea. By cold extraction, the level of catechin and theine in the tea is reduced, thus reducing the astringency and bitterness specific to some types of tea. The result is a naturally sweet, complex and aromatic tea. For cold infusions we only use specialty teas.

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