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Craft drinks from raw natural ingredients: A recipe for a healthier lifestyle

the coffee fruit Drinks made from raw natural ingredients not only provide a delicious taste, but are also as healthy as possible. The arguments in their favor form an extensive list, but we have selected the most important of them to consider together right now:

That energy boost you want every day 

If you feel like you need a break to refresh yourself, grab a ready-to-drink craft drink from bax, made from 100% natural ingredients. 

With no preservatives, no colorings and no added flavors, you get your energy shot when you want it, while enjoying the amazing tastes of Kofi Ti artisan drinks.

All our assortments are made according to our own recipes, being minimally processed. What exactly does this mean? Well, based on the processes perfected over time at our workshop in Buftea, the raw materials in their composition can preserve their properties as well as possible. 

Great help for your immune system 

What do you want to drink today from the Kofi Ti offer? If you are going to choose an artisanal drink with a direct positive effect on your immune system, order now Cascara Lemonade - Lemonade from the coffee fruit . 

Cascara Lemonade is the first bottled cascara drink, produced in Romania. You have in front of you a 100% natural drink, designed around an ingredient that is more than important for the health of your immune system.

Very rich in antioxidants, Cascara has an ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 343,900, ranking 4th in the world in the top of superfoods . Find out that this ingredient has an antioxidant effect 80 times stronger than goji. 

If you are reading these lines and wondering why antioxidants are so important for the health of your own body, we have for you an article dedicated to this topic . Find out with us what antioxidants actually are and what their role is in the fight against free radicals. 

Black tea is another important source of antioxidants. Discover our offer of black tea in the Teas and infusions category without any haste, find out more information about the product you are interested in, then order it quickly. 

Kofi Ti's artisan drinks, rich in antioxidants vital for health, are on their way to you in the shortest possible time. Your order today not only comes packed with surprising tastes, but also with a lot of solutions that can support a healthier lifestyle!

Live flavors that you enjoy when you want

We have our own recipes for processing the raw materials, so that the resulting artisanal drinks offer an intense taste, as you wish to discover in any product made from 100% natural ingredients. 

We have the perfect example for you, in this sense: Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic , an ideal mix of ingredients carefully selected and specially prepared to offer "those aromas", right from the first sip. 

Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic is made with freshly roasted coffee blended with our Cinchona Bark Tonic Water. Cold water brewing extracts the unique flavors of the coffee, but leaves the bitter oils and most of the pungent acids in place in the grounds. 

Order now a box of 12 bottles of Cold Brew Coffee & Tonic for the price of 10. This artisan drink contains natural quinine, an alkaloid obtained from the dried bark of the plant called Cinchona / Cinchona succirubra (Rubiaceae family). 

Quinine is recognized for its antiarrhythmic, tonic and antibacterial properties, and is also a basic ingredient for the preparation of tonic water. 

About us 

We have been following our passion since 2016, inventing and producing surprising craft drinks, using original recipes, based only on raw natural ingredients. The raw materials we work with come from all over the world: Colombia, Bolivia, Italy, Madagascar, Ecuador, India, China or Sri Lanka. 

Find out more about us by visiting the Stories page on the website now!

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